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    After working for this sector for a few years now, we are bound to have some good reads. Checkout our collection of Digital Marketing tips and trips.

    How to Read Instagram Post Insights

    Benefits of reading post insights: Instagram post insights are implicit statistics. As in, there is no laid out analysis that explains what the number means and how to improve. Once you know what everything means, post insights will help you as a creator know what...

    Social Media & Consistency: Colour Themes

    What is a colour theme? A colour theme or colour scheme is built on the idea of visual consistency. On Instagram, it holds your feed together. Remember in elementary school when you were taught your primary and secondary colours? Well, this goes a little more in-depth...

    Instagram Giveaways: Guidelines, Tips and Tricks

    By Karina Kozlov Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great way to boost brand awareness, gain more followers and grow user engagement. The time and effort taken to run such an event will prove to be worthwhile as the business experiences it’s benefits in one way or...

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