Benefits of reading post insights:

Instagram post insights are implicit statistics. As in, there is no laid out analysis that explains what the number means and how to improve.

Once you know what everything means, post insights will help you as a creator know what works and what does not.

While they may not come with literal instructions on how to improve, you do receive a general understanding of how your audience responds and interacts with your account. From there, you can determine which tools and features you should use more or less.

*Your profile must be a business account to access this feature.

Instagram also offers general analytics for your overall profile. Along with insights on your Main Posts, IGTV, Reels, Live videos and your Stories. This blog focuses specifically on main post insights

There are a few immediate actions someone can take when viewing a post on their feed. They can just look at it and continue to scroll, like, comment, share, view your profile and save the post. 

These are all important because this affects your future appearance on someone’s feed. Instagram uses multiple strategies to customize each user’s feed.

“One of the main misconceptions we want to clear up is the existence of “The Algorithm.” Instagram doesn’t have one algorithm that oversees what people do and don’t see on the app. We use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose. We want to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do that.”


– Instagram


Likes & Comments

Likes are important to Instagram because this lets “the algorithm” know that your post is worth looking at.  Therefore, the more likes you get, the more likely the post will appear on somebody’s feed.

The more comments, shares, and saves, the better too! It also tells the algorithm that your post creates engagement. Engagement is critical:

Engagement measures the various actions a user can and will make during an interaction with your published post.

The comment section initiates conversation – use that to your advantage. Ask your audience questions. Host a contest under one of your posts, interact with them, respond to their comments, maybe reply with some humour. Take the time to make sure your audience is heard and seen.

The Neglected Feature of Instagram

Saves are an often-overlooked feature used to bookmark a post to look at later. Here’s the problem with saves: sometimes people forget to check their saves. This is not the only tool to completely “bank on” because while helpful, there is no guarantee they will ever look at that post ever again.

However, saves can also be considered “super likes,” because someone stopped and decided they wanted to check out this post again in the later future. That means your post was of a large enough significance to users, it means your content is relevant to your users – keep doing what you are doing.

The content you create should be something memorable and easy for the viewer to read.

Adding a coupon code or instructions for something promotes the extra step of saving a post and push a reason to come back to your post. You can also be straightforward and say, “Hey!! Don’t forget to save this post.”

Shared Posts

The same goes for the share option.

Hey, Don’t forget to share this blog post!!!

Why would someone want to share a post anyway? A relatable quote, a funny and cool moment. Maybe the service you offer is 30% off, or you are selling a nifty new product that is a must-have.

No matter the circumstance, sharable content is valuable content. Plus, the more eyes that see your post, the chances they will explore your profile is much more likely… and hopefully hit the follow button *fingers-crossed*.

Profile Visits

Profile visits are essential (especially for potential audiences) because it allows your clientele to gather basic intel about your brand and business overall.

This is why visual consistency on social media, particularly on Instagram, is important because it catches the viewer’s eye and gives them an impression of who you are.

Once they have done that, it is up to them whether they want to follow you, check out your website, or contact you for further inquires

Pro Tip: Make sure your profile’s bio is adequately filled out and up to date. An accessible bio can be your “make or break” call to action. Including contact options like a phone number or email is recommended and a linked website for further information.

Additionally, consider leaving your direct messages (DMs) open and regularly check them. Often people who find your page might reach out to ask a quick question – having your DMs open and available make that option possible.


On Instagram, there are several ways someone can discover your posts. For example viewing your profile, popping up on their home page, or show up on their explore page.

Impressions: Number of times your post appeared on someone’s screen.

So, if the post shows up on a user’s screen, it counts as a viewed impression, even if the same user sees the post again. However, this does not mean the user took action after viewing the post.

Account Reach: the unique number of accounts that have viewed the post.

This isolated the impression number to the number of accounts that have viewed the post, so even if the same account has viewed the post 12 times, the account reach would be 1. Thus, the total number of impressions would be 12.

Hashtags: How many users found your post through hashtags.

Hashtags are important because it gives creators the chance to be found. But be sure to switch up your hashtags every time and again to reach new audiences.

Profile: How many users found your post from looking at your profile.

If people are finding your post by viewing your profile, you may want to consider cleaning up the look of your bio.

Follows: How many followers have you gained or lost within the posts published timeline.

Reflect on the kind of content that have better responses (videos, contest, games, event post etc.), think about posting those more often.

Home: Home many users found your post while scrolling through their home page.

Usually, when you appear on someone’s home page, they follow you, follow a hashtag you used, or you ran an ad. You may notice that even though you have many followers, maybe about 50-75% or even fewer people interact with your post.

Often, you’re getting low impression on your home page because when you showed up on their home page, they just scrolled past it – the algorithm picks up on that. Review your posts with the most interactions and think about what you did differently there.


Although many people claim there is, social media doesn’t have an exact success formula. Its really about trial and error. Don’t feel bad if a post doesn’t well – Learn from it. I think social media can be fun if you make it fun. Bring that personality in, make it a community, and people will want to join in and follow you.