They say a picture is worth a thousands words. I wonder, would a video be worth a million? One of our recent projects involved taking pictures for an online store. While there are some outstanding photographers out there, we were working with a low budget and also wanted to have a long-term, affordable way for our customer to keep posting products to his online store.

First and most important, you need a very good light source. I find there are good ways to take product pictures under a natural light. However for this project, which involved jewellery we need to have the right amount of light so that it would bring out the luster and shine of the natural stones and jewels. We also needed a good background. We tried different techniques but we found the best product pictures were taken when you made use of a light box.

So what is a Lightbox? Well it is pretty much a “Photo Studio Shooting Tent” (see picture below). It has the light source, backdrops and light reflection all built into one little box. We purchased the JHS-TECH Small Foldable Led Light Box Softbox Kit from Amazon. There are many to choose from but we chose this one due to the fact that you can adjust the brightness and the backdrop material is actually pretty decent and shows smooth in the pictures. It also has multiple shooting perspectives including one from the top of the box that lets you shoot objects directly down without compromising the light source.

We also discovered you don’t need a fancy camera to take product pictures for your online store. We tried with both a a Canon Rebel and a Samsung phone and to our surprise the pictures from the phone were actually better. You can try different angles too and you can adjust the lighting further in you photo editing software.

Overall this little box made our life a lot easier and it provided a long-term solution to our photo-shooting needs. Remember to get creative too! We chose natural props such as floor tiles, stones, branches and seashells to give it out a more artistic flair!