One of the main things we do here at Agents Digital is to create WordPress websites for our clients.

We specialize in WordPress websites because they allow us to be flexible and they are easy to use, manage and blog. Now a website, any website needs a home to live in. This is what we call a Web Hosting Provider.

For a good comparision guide, you can check out  PC Magazine’s Best Web Hosting Services comparison lists between providers that can help you choose depending on your Business needs.  While price point is important, there are other factors that are very important to consider such as reliability, features, speed, and support.

Most Web Hosting providers will have an introductory package that is attractive. It is important to remember that this pricing is an introductory offer, and you will be expected to pay full price once that offer expires.  This is our list of recommended features you want to be on the lookout for a good hosting package:

  • Do choose Linux-based servers for stability and speed.
  • Shared web hosting is usually fine for a typical Website.
  • Most service providers will include a free domain for the first year. Shop around.
  • Most of the midrange packages are a good deal. Also opt for allowance of multiple sites so that there is some wiggle room for performance or in case you want to host another website or landing page in the future.
  • Opt for packages that have an SSL certificate included. This is important because this is a factor that google uses to rank your website. Also, when you don’t have an SSL certificate, your website is flagged as unsecure. Note that this is a must if you are hosting an online store.
  • Look for companies that have a reputation of good support. This is where it pays to checkout the reviews.

Once you have chosen a web hosting provider and package, register your domain and you can start to build your website. I truly recommend you check out WordPress. Although there are many options from in-house website builders to coding it yourself, WordPress offers flexibility and ease of use. It is loaded with many options to fit your business needs and it is practically free. Yes that’s right it is practically FREE.  I’ll be talking a little more about WordPress in a following article. Until then, lets keep on building!


Shorian Hutchinson


Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash