And no I’m not talking about Square dancing here! However if that is your thing do check out this video, Square Dancing is pretty Rockin’ too!!

Rockin’ Square Dancing Video One featuring Rockin’ Family

I’m talking about Square Payments, a product line and services that allows any Small Business to accept and process payments virtually anywhere and opens a world of possibilities for the Small Business entrepreneur.

What drove me to start using Square is the need to be able to accept credit cards for my products. Living in a world of Client Convenience and where not many people carry cash, I didn’t want to miss a sale. Although I was aware of debit and credit terminals, these carry monthly fees which did not make sense for the size and scale of my business…. thus Entrepreneur meets payments Squared.

Other things to consider is security, rates and setup fees and of course payments! So if you are asking what does Square looks like, well here it is in its simplest form:

It is pretty simple to use, you only need to download the Square App and plug in the device to your phone or tablet, make a few configurations in the App and you can start accepting payments.

What is really neat about it too is that you can configure your products, with their default and custom fields down to tracking quantities. Manage customer information and produce a decent amount of reports. All this is virtually included (for latest rates check out Square Payments site).

They also have other type of terminals that are more appropriate for local businesses such as a Flower Shops, Salons, Coffee Shop or even Car Mechanics!

Another cool feature is their e-Gift Cards, which I think are a fantastic idea as these are stored in your client’s phone, which are easier to carry plus they can be reloaded leading to repetitive business. Other features that I found quite useful are:

  • Appointment Management
  • Invoices and Receipt Management (help for the Accountants)
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Time cards and Team Management
  • Online payments from your Webstie

Big players such as GoDaddy are now integrating websites with Square which makes selling your stuff online so much easier!

Now that you know of a tool that can help you take payments virtually everywhere, it is time to start selling your services … even if that is Square Dancing Lessons:

Rockin’ Square Dancing Video featuring Four Nations

Until next time, Cheers!