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Websites + Marketing

Digital Marketing Tips & Trips

After working for this sector for a few years now, we are bound to have some good reads!

From Tools to advice, our collection of Digital Marketing tips and trips.

How To Take Great Pictures For Your Online Store

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. I wonder, would a video be worth a million? One of our recent projects involved taking pictures for an online store. While there are some outstanding photographers out there, we were working with a low budget and also...

Tuesday Tip – Choosing Web Hosting

One of the main things we do here at Agents Digital is to create WordPress websites for our clients. We specialize in Wordpress websites because they allow us to be flexible and they are easy to use, manage and blog. Now a website, any website needs a home to live in....

Cartooning Myself

As one of my tasks for my co-op placement I was given the task to create a cartoon version of myself using Adobe Illustrator, but as someone who mainly used and had experience with photoshop it definitely seemed as if the task was going to be difficult. It actually...

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Working with the Small Business York Region community to help them with their Digital Marketing needs, we are no stranger to a crisis. You can trust and count on us to come up with creative ideas to keep your business running with the unique challenges of COVID-19.

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