My name is Shorian Hutchinson and I am the proud owner of a small technology Business called Brillatek (“Brilla” means “to Shine” in Spanish and Tek, well you can fill in the rest). I started this business from my passion for technology. I have over 20 years of experience in Application Development, Project Management and Support in combination with Digital Marketing. Let us market your business online today!

In addition my blog is dedicated to shed some light on Digital Marketing strategies and tools including Social Media Platforms. selft-help tools and the occasional dance-a-ton. I hope is educational as well as entertaining.

The opinions expressed here are of my own and I am not endorsing nor am I affiliated with any product or sales unless otherwise stated.

Please feel free to browse around and send me a note with any questions, consultation quote or suggestions.

Oh yeah, one more thing, Tambien Hablamos Español (we also speak Spanish) ….. Hasta Luego!