Zoom Zoom Zoom…

With the recent challenges in social distancing, seems that Zoom has taken off by a storm.

What is is neat is to discover the many uses of this technology. The ever expanding list includes virtual dance, fitness (@Zumberellas), Yoga classes, ESL and Spanish classes. Online learning is sure to continue long after this is all done and over.

Since this is so popular, we decided to put together our top list of Zoom Tips and Tricks and release it every Thursday. Check it out in our new YouTube channel. Hope you LIKE! 😀

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Get the Word out About Your Business!

So now you have a brand new business and you want to start to get the word out about its products and services. Here is a list of the very basics that you need to get going:

  1. Think with Google. Get yourself a Google Business profile. Once you create a profile on Google, you will show up on maps which is where a lot people are searching. Also, pay attention what keywords you use when you setup your profile. If you are a hair salon business for example, you want it to say “Hair Salon” in the tittle as this is a high-ranking keyword. Once you have a Google profile, you can add pictures and create posts, including discounts and offers! Your customers can also ask questions and post reviews.

  2. Social media has now become a channel where you deliver your marketing material. Marketing hasn’t changed, you still must create flyers and deliver ads however these are now digital flyers and digital ads.

  3. Do you remember the old days when people stood in front of a busy place handing out flyers?  Well think of Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in the same way, they are those cool looking people handing out digital flyers but in a whole lot of a smarter way. You can tell them exactly who to deliver it to. As an example, if most of your clients are women who live in New York and are aged from 35 to 60 years old, you will want to maximize your marketing dollar by just delivering digital marketing material just to them.  Remember that you are still having to deliver your marketing content to people but now is directly to their devices.

  4. Blogging in your Website, one way to keep your website fresh and growing organically is adding articles that are related to your industry. Articles like tips and tricks are very well received as you deliver value and showcase your expertise in the industry. Make sure you include keywords in your articles to boost up your SEO organically. Most people are hesitant to write articles because they feel that they lack the writing skills. The good news keeping things simple and down to the point, is the ideal writing for the Web. Get writing!

  5. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and we all want a little more of that! What this is basically how your website ranks among others in the Google search engine competition. So for example, say I go to Google.com and search “Yellow Bananas” I will get the top websites (ranked by a complex Google algorithm) that have the most content on Yellow Bananas. Search Engine Optimization is a little bit complex to go into detail in this article. But there are a few basic standards that you can do to your site such as including your keywords in all your tittles, having a good organized layout and adding keywords to all your pictures. Competition is pretty stiff, but you can also setup Google Ads (at least in the beginning) to get your site noticed by search users. The down side is that you will have to pay Google for this service and as soon as you stop your Google Ad, your website traffic will drop.

So there you have it, a few ways to get your Digital Marketing started for your Business! Any questions, drop me a note! Until next time… Let it Shine!

Square POS

Why Square Rocks!

And no I’m not talking about Square dancing here! However if that is your thing do check out this video, Square Dancing is pretty Rockin’ too!!

Rockin’ Square Dancing Video One featuring Rockin’ Family

I’m talking about Square Payments, a product line and services that allows any Small Business to accept and process payments virtually anywhere and opens a world of possibilities for the Small Business entrepreneur.

What drove me to start using Square is the need to be able to accept credit cards for my products. Living in a world of Client Convenience and where not many people carry cash, I didn’t want to miss a sale. Although I was aware of debit and credit terminals, these carry monthly fees which did not make sense for the size and scale of my business…. thus Entrepreneur meets payments Squared.

Other things to consider is security, rates and setup fees and of course payments! So if you are asking what does Square looks like, well here it is in its simplest form:

It is pretty simple to use, you only need to download the Square App and plug in the device to your phone or tablet, make a few configurations in the App and you can start accepting payments.

What is really neat about it too is that you can configure your products, with their default and custom fields down to tracking quantities. Manage customer information and produce a decent amount of reports. All this is virtually included (for latest rates check out Square Payments site).

They also have other type of terminals that are more appropriate for local businesses such as a Flower Shops, Salons, Coffee Shop or even Car Mechanics!

Another cool feature is their e-Gift Cards, which I think are a fantastic idea as these are stored in your client’s phone, which are easier to carry plus they can be reloaded leading to repetitive business. Other features that I found quite useful are:

  • Appointment Management
  • Invoices and Receipt Management (help for the Accountants)
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Time cards and Team Management
  • Online payments from your Webstie

Big players such as GoDaddy are now integrating websites with Square which makes selling your stuff online so much easier!

Now that you know of a tool that can help you take payments virtually everywhere, it is time to start selling your services … even if that is Square Dancing Lessons:

Rockin’ Square Dancing Video featuring Four Nations

Until next time, Cheers!

Create a WordPress Business Website Today!

Lately, we have been asked why should we use WordPress to create a Website as opposed to other tools out there. Isn’t WordPress just meant for Blogging? The answer is no, WordPress is a content management system that is so much more than the eye can see!

WordPress has evolved from a platform loved by Bloggers to a fully featured Website creation powerhouse. What’s more, WordPress 5.1 (latest version) standard editor helps you create your Website with point and click tools that are just as easy to use as everything else out there. Another great feature of WordPress is that it allows your to create user accounts with multiple levels of access making teamwork .. work. WordPress main components are:


Pages & Posts



WordPress Themes are basically your website’s skin, you can choose from thousands of themes, free and at cost. They provide the look and feel for your website. Checkout some cool WordPress themes here. We recommend themes from the WordPress site because you can check out the ratings, they are free to use and you get updates directly on the WordPress dashboard.

Pages and Posts are what makes up your website. You can create as many pages as your heart desires to describe your company, team, services, contact information, etc, etc, etc. WordPress provides a neat little place where you can upload all of your Media including logos, pictures and videos. Keep them neatly organized and available for all of your pages. Plugins .. these are add-ons and allows you to make your website extra cool. You need a cool looking form ? Check out Ninja Forms. You need to improve your SEO ? check out Yoast SEO! You need a beautiful looking gallery or slider? Tons to choose from. It is wise to check out the ratings and description for each one of these to figure out if it suites your needs.

Let’s face it, nowadays we all need to blog, that’s how we can improve our Search Engine rankings organically and this where WordPress really outshines the competition. You can crate a page that feeds all your stories and have them published in a jiffy! Done and Done. No kidding.

For more info check out WordPress.com


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Many Small Businesses continue to market their business through traditional methods (a.k.a. newspapers and flyers) and while there is still some use for traditional marketing, they are missing the Digital component. “Digital is the new marketplace with Scalability”. Digital facilitates the marketplace from local to global, it allows Businesses to keep in touch with their customers, to get feedback, to acquire new leads and the good news is that cost has reduced significantly in the last few years.

Technology products such as WordPress, Shopify and Salesforce are making it a breeze to setup your business online without the need of high development costs.

In the weeks to come we will go in depth how we (as Small Business) can leverage these technologies to market our products online. Stay tuned or signup to our newsletter to stay in touch!

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