Lately, we have been asked why should we use WordPress to create a Website as opposed to other tools out there. Isn’t WordPress just meant for Blogging? The answer is no, WordPress is a content management system that is so much more than the eye can see!

WordPress has evolved from a platform loved by Bloggers to a fully featured Website creation powerhouse. What’s more, WordPress 5.1 (latest version) standard editor helps you create your Website with point and click tools that are just as easy to use as everything else out there. Another great feature of WordPress is that it allows your to create user accounts with multiple levels of access making teamwork .. work. WordPress main components are:


Pages & Posts



WordPress Themes are basically your website’s skin, you can choose from thousands of themes, free and at cost. They provide the look and feel for your website. Checkout some cool WordPress themes here. We recommend themes from the WordPress site because you can check out the ratings, they are free to use and you get updates directly on the WordPress dashboard.

Pages and Posts are what makes up your website. You can create as many pages as your heart desires to describe your company, team, services, contact information, etc, etc, etc. WordPress provides a neat little place where you can upload all of your Media including logos, pictures and videos. Keep them neatly organized and available for all of your pages. Plugins .. these are add-ons and allows you to make your website extra cool. You need a cool looking form ? Check out Ninja Forms. You need to improve your SEO ? check out Yoast SEO! You need a beautiful looking gallery or slider? Tons to choose from. It is wise to check out the ratings and description for each one of these to figure out if it suites your needs.

Let’s face it, nowadays we all need to blog, that’s how we can improve our Search Engine rankings organically and this where WordPress really outshines the competition. You can crate a page that feeds all your stories and have them published in a jiffy! Done and Done. No kidding.

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