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The Social Media Marketing Process

Brilliant minds think alike. Brillatek will work with you to create a customized social media campaign. It is essential to have a Digital Marketing Strategy that meets your branding requirements and to position and communicate with your audience to build stronger customer relationships. Start working with a dedicated social media manager and have a free consultation. We’ll learn about your goals and develop a marketing plan. Checkout our blog for more brilliant ideas!

The Importance of Brand Awareness

Your brand identity plays the role of what keeps a consistent customer – they remember you for your logo, your friendly service, that catchy jingle. But to maintain your brand identity, you need to stay consistent with your content. Brand awareness is achieved when you produce accessible quality media while considering each social media channel’s differences in background and audiences. Brand awareness is achieved when your business is memorable.

Our Satisfied Customers

Shorian is a very talented website developer and digital marketer. She did a great job on our new website, she was very responsive in adjusting and bringing the ideas to fruition. I would highly recommend Shorian to any business that needs help amplifying their business.”

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“Thank you Shorian for your expertise and professionalism and especially for caring about my business. Excellent job.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media marketing can be complex. Take the time to chat with us, explore new opportunities.

Why should I use social media for my business?

Social media helps businesses connect with their customers. To some extent, it’s advertising. Growing a social media platform is an excellent way for your audience to learn about what your business has to offer and an easy way to learn about your audience.

And not to mention going digital means environmentally friendly.

Which social media platforms should I use?

This depends on your business category and customer demographic. Basic social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great places to start. Each platform offers features that benefit each business differently.

We can expand on this with a free consultation.

How often should I post on social media?

That’s all up to you. There are golden hours to post, and there are different ways of posting on each platform. You can have a lot of fun with social media, but users do not want to see spam or inactive accounts. So stay consistent and maintain a channel schedule.

Is social media just an advertising tool?

Technically posting on social media creates brand awareness, and that of itself is free advertising. However, you can also launch some paid social media ads – this can boost to digital presence.

Looking at social media as just an advertising tool is not ideal because it offers more than that; it offers a community.

How do I know my social media page is successful?

Most social media platforms offer analytics of each post – they usually focus on views or impressions. We offer monthly and bi-weekly analytical reports that go more in-depth regarding growth and improvement.

What is paid social media?

These are the sponsored advertisements we see on social media. You pay for these posts because the algorithm will boost and push your content towards a targeted audience.

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